Friday, May 12th, 2023
Rescue 9 was added as the Rapid Intervention Team on a working dwelling fire with Station 6 at the Eastern Dawn Trailer Park. As Rescue 9 arrived, command put it's crew to work with pulling a han...
Wednesday, May 10th, 2023
in the early hours of the morning, Rescue Box 84-40 was transmitted for the southbound lanes of Route 1 near Rockhill Drive for a reported MVA with entrapment and fire. Rescues 4, 8 and 9 arrived wit...
Sunday, April 16th, 2023
Engine 9 on scene in the 2000 block of West Lincoln Highway with a well involved truck fire. Crews from both Engine and Rescue 9 worked to put down the fire quickly and performed extensive overhaul. ...
Thursday, April 13th, 2023
At around 0345hrs, Rescue Box 84-40 was transmitted for the southbound lanes of Route 1 at the site of the new bridge over the Neshaminy Creek for a report of a worker who fell off of the bridge. FM2...
Tuesday, May 16th, 2023
Congratulations to Firefighter Alex Ierardi and his fellow classmates for graduating their Firefighter 1 program. FF Ierardi and his classmates completed around 200 hours of training to complete this...
Tuesday, May 9th, 2023
The Parkland Fire Company took delivery of a new inventory of extrication tools. We recently purchased Hurst eDraulic battery operated rescue tools from MES Fire. This line of tools will be placed i...
Thursday, March 30th, 2023
Members from all five fire companies participated in our annual Hazardous Materials Operations Refresher Course hosted by the Langhorne Middletown Fire Company. Instructor Dave Harris observed as cre...
Wednesday, March 29th, 2023
Members from the PFC attended the annual Neshaminy STEAM (Science, Engineering, Technology, Art, Math) Expo at the Neshaminy High School. The annual event allows students to show off hands-on activit...
Fire glossary
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27 entries in the Fire glossary beginning with "E"
Eckert hook
Sharp hook on pike pole for cutting metal siding or roofs.
Suction device operated by hose pressure to pull fluid from a reservoir and mix it with the hose stream; often used to add foaming or other materials to water streams.
See Smoke ejector.
Electrical fire
A fire in which the primary source of heat is electricity, resulting in combustion of adjacent insulation and other materials; may be hazardous to attempt to extinguish using water.
Elevator key
Control panel override key to take elevator car to desired floor. May also refer to special tool used to open elevator shaft-protection doors from outside.
Emergency medical service(s).
Encapsulated suit
HAZMAT protective clothing used with SCBA inside the suit to protect a firefighter (HAZMAT technician) from gaseous contaminants. Also known as a Gas Suit.
(1) Device for converting an input to a coded output; (2) tone-generating system for broadcasting one or more tone codes on a radio frequency to alert selected pagers and alarms; (3) alarm-system component that transmits coded sensor and subscriber information to a monitoring center to be processed into address and alarm-type information.
A fire suppression vehicle that has a water pump and, typically, is designed to carry firehose and a limited supply of water.
A truck outfitted for firefighting, specifically one outfitted to pump water. Generally, vehicles outfitted to pump water are called engines, while those which do not pump water (ladder trucks, tankers, rescues, for example) are not. Many rural fire engines carry a reservoir of water to pump, and use drafting and tankers to obtain further supply. Historically, an enjin" was a machine that only pumped water.
Any ground vehicle providing specified levels of pumping, water, and hose capacity but with less than the specified level of personnel.
Engine Company
A group of firefighters assigned to an apparatus with a water pump and equipped with firehose and other tools related to fire extinguishment.
Engine crew
A number of personnel trained and supervised to respond to incidents using an engine. Typically much smaller than a hand crew.
Engine house
[archaic] A firehouse housing an engine company.
Engine pressure
The pressure in a fire hose measured at the outlet of the pump.
Enhanced 9-1-1
Electronic system for automatic correllation of physical telephone lines with information about the location of the caller -- a useful tool for dispatchers when the caller has an emergency but cannot speak.
Escape fire
An intentional fire ignited by a fire crew, usually in a grassland environment, to escape a dangerous situation.
Escaped fire
A fire, which has exceeded or is expected to exceed initial attack capabilities or prescription.
Removal of personnel from a dangerous area, in particular, a HAZMAT incident, burning building, or other emergency. Also refers to act of removing firefighters from a structure in danger of collapsing.
Uniform sequence of practiced steps by squad carrying out common tasks such as selection and placement of ladders, stowing hoses in hose bed, putting hoses and tools into service in particular patterns; intended to result in predictability during emergencies.
27 entries in the Fire glossary beginning with "E"

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